wedding trends



Scandinavian Pendants

Includes Bulbs Scandinavian lighting is characterized by clean lines and a focus on warm, diffuse light that feels closer to candlelight than to harsh, neon lighting.

 R 200.00 Unit Price

Mesh Steel Grids

A different yet effective lighting option using Mesh Grids. Great for hanging lights and florals. Excludes lighting and florals

 R 500.00 Unit Price

Medium Chandeliers

12 to 16 arm chandeliers.

 R 800.00 Unit Price

Marquee Letters

1200 H Big LED letters.

 R 350.00 Unit Price

Linen Lampshades

various sizes (excludes bulbs)

 R 200.00 Unit Price

Large Crystal Chandeliers

Large crystal chandeliers

 R 3,000.00 Unit Price

Happily Ever After

A happily ever after neon sign! Custom designs avaliable

 R 1,000.00 Unit Price

Grid Lights

2400 L 300 W *INCLUDES 10 BULBS*

 R 1,000.00 Unit Price

Geometric Shades

Small geometric shades for a different addition to your decor. Excludes Bulbs.

 R 100.00 Unit Price

Fairy Light Curtain

Fairy Lights 3M.

 R 612.00 Unit Price

Fairy Light Curtain

Fairy lights 6M

 R 810.00 Unit Price

Fairy Light Curtain

Extra length fairy lights

 R 55.00 Unit Price

Fairy Light Curtain

2.4m X 0.5m Beautiful string of fairy lights that fall into a curtain.

 R 332.00 Unit Price

Edison Bulb Strings

Edison Bulbs

 R 250.00 Unit Price

Customised Fittings

Customise your fittings to any colour at an additional charge of R300 per Edison bulb String

 R 300.00 Unit Price

Copper Pendants

Beautiful copper pendants including the bulbs

 R 200.00 Unit Price

Classic Fairy Lights

Classic fairy light strings, at a length of 20M.

 R 306.00 Unit Price


Small chandeliers with 5 or 6 arms.

 R 500.00 Unit Price

Bistro String Lights

These Bistro string lights are a length of 40M. Bistro lights or cafe lights are decorative string lights used in a way that enhances an outdoor space. Bistro lights are often used as wedding lights for receptions and night time events, however, patio dining and gathering areas are also popular spots for this fun type of lighting!

 R 250.00 Unit Price

BAR – Neon

 R 650.00 Unit Price

Art Deco Chandeliers

2400 L 1000 W 750 H

 R 1,500.00 Unit Price

10M Festoon Lighting

Price includes bulbs.

 R 28.00 Unit Price